Theaspirane / Spiroxide 10% - 10 g, Imported, Fresh, Tea-Like, Tobacco, Woody, Fruity-Berry,, 36431-72-8, 10 %

Theaspirane / Spiroxide 10%

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Theaspirane (IFF) / Spiroxide (Givaudan)


Used in small amounts in both black and green tea accords, tobacco accords and can contribute diffusion and subtlety to floral and many other fragrance types.

In 1985 Arcadi Boix Camps writes that “Theaspirane is one of those singular chemicals that seldom emerge from research. It might even be considered one of the 10 best chemicals on the market. It is present in natural tea, and its fragrance is extraordinarily complex: herbal, green tea, moist and recently cut tobacco leaves, with metalic, woody, floral and spicy backnotes. Its blends with vanilla notes, [tabanon], formyl tricide decane, the macrocyclic musks, Oxo-Edulane, 4-oxo ionyl acetate, Oxo-Damascone or beta-Damascone are unique. Its radiant and unequalled beauty places this chemical among the exalted ranks of products such as the Damascones and Damascenone, Hedione and Exaltolide, without implying of course, that all these aromatic chemicals can be grouped in the same family."