vetiveryl acetate

₹ 2,750

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Arctander speaks very highly of this material: “The beauty of the odor is only fully appreciated when the material is incorporated in a suitable perfume. The peculiar dry-sweet note does not appear with a woody tone, but it gives fresh lift, yet outstanding tenacity and warmth to a fragrance. Although this ester can be used in almost any type of perfume, it has its most attractive effect in Chypres, modem aldehydic perfumes. compositions with Ionones, Opopanax, Olibanum, Orris, etc. and it is nearly perfect for powder perfumes. Many world-wide known, very successful fashion-perfumes owe part of their success to this item, although the idea of using a very large proportion of this ester in a luxury perfume is older than most of the perfumers working in today’s laboratories