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Coranol is a good longer lasting, alternative to linalool that also combines very well with related products such as Tetrahydrolinalool and Ethyl Linalool. This product is produced by Firmenich, to a minimum purity of 97%, they describe it like this: “Odor: A nice flowery note reminiscent of Linalol ex-coriander Use: CORANOL is much longer lasting than Linalol. It is an excellent building block that is very stable” Arcadi Boix Camps first mentions Coranol in 1985 and gives a more extensive description in his later writing.  This is from 2006: Coranol is “One of the most important chemicals used today.  Coranol has an extremely fresh, floral, somewhat vibrant rosy-metalic note that is really almost impossible to replace.  It combines exceptionally well with Dihydromyrcenol ... imparting to every fragrance its freshness, its strength and its diffusion.  It blends exceptionally well with citrus, florals, woody, spicy and musky notes and harmonises with green-metalic products such as Stemone, Paradisamide, Labienoxime or Buccoxime."" He continues to say that it “is being used everywhere, and it is a real ‘key’ for the top note of the olfactive forms achieved with it.  Some few examples where Coranol has been used are Bulgari for Men (Musky, Habanolide, Muscenone Delta), L’Eau d’Eden (Ozonic), Dune for Men (Metalic green, woody, coumarin-like), Ô De Lancôme for Men (Fougere, mossy) and Issey Miyake for Men (metallic , woody, ambery, diffusive).”